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Employment Ideality
We believe that every one is a talent.
We will try our best to put the best person in the most suitable post.
We will adhere to the principle of human orientation and keep on pursuing innovations.
We will uphold the idea of Meila hardware creating beautiful life, and invite the talents with such common idea, in an effort to shape our staffs and create a brilliant future.
We will respect every staff and feel proud of Meila and Meila people. We become stronger because of you and we are more confident owing to you.
We will encourage and inspire every staff to have a higher expectation on himself, so as to guide, require and challenge himself with high standards, and strive and grow together with the company.
We will cultivate outstanding staffs of confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance, and those who are honest, pragmatic and progressive.
We will advocate the idea of coexistence between motherland and company, between cause and family, between individual and team, between competition and unity, between pragmatic-ness and innovation, between criticism and self-criticism.
We will advocate that the staffs are sharing weal and woe with the company.
We will respect the staffs and make contributions to the better life our humanity through our joint efforts.

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